Performance Terms & Conditions

Every performance by the Artistic Agency “Tryzna” or the music group “Tryzna” is subject to the following terms and conditions. Any additional/individual conditions or requests can be added/modified by means of a separate contract sheet.

The group Tryzna, members of the Tryzna medieval music band, Tryzna
Spectaculum along with the employees of Artistic Agency and subjects that the Agency may hire to carry out the performance will herein be referred to as the Agency.

Festival organizers, event organizers, museums, municipalities and any other
institutions that are interested in or have been delivered a musical performance
by Artistic Agency “Tryzna” from herein be referred to as the Organizer.

Reservations and Bookings:

1. The organizers are allowed to make one reservation of a performance
date per contract.

2. As soon as the initial booking is made, the organizers are given 14 days to change or refrain from the booking. After this period, the booking is considered solid agreement subject to legal terms. The Agency will then reject any other performance offers on the date of the booking.

Cancellation & Force Majeure:

a) Organizers cancellation

1. If the organizers decide to terminate the reservation 14 days from the date the booking was made, the Agency is entitled to receive 20 % of the agreed payment as a compensation fee.
2. If the organizers decide to terminate the reservation 10 days or less
before the event, the Agency is entitled to receive 50 % of the agreed sum
as a compensation fee.

b) Artists cancellation

1. In the event of illness or other aggravating circumstances, the Agency is expected to do their utmost to replace the person who can’ t attend. If the number of participants is fewer than agreed in this contract the fee may be reduced.

2. Any kind of replacements (persons, prerequisites, program changes etc.) must be approved by the Organizer for the original contract to apply. If the Agency for any reason, not accepted by the Organizer, does not fulfill their total commitment the Organizer has the right to fully or partially reduce the agreed fee.

3. In the event of illness, a valid medical certificate is required.

4. Please note! Bad weather will not be accepted as a reason for cancelling the arrangements in this contract.

In the event of Force Majeure * the contract will be revoked without further due or payment. In case the Organizer has made pre payments this shall be refunded immediately to the Organizer’s bank account.

Payments & Transfer:

1.    Any agreed payments or contract reimbursements are settled after the performance is delivered.
2.    Payment is settled after the receiving of an invoice. The organizers are then allowed 14 days to make the transfer.
3.    If the organizers fail to make the transfer within the agreed period, a penalty rate shall be applied to the reimbursement fee. The penalty is 10 % on the agreed sum for every week of delay.
4.    If the delay in payment exceeds 3 months, the legal action shall be taken. In that case, the Agency shall stand for a refund of additional 50 % of the agreed sum on top of penalty rates for every week of the delay as well as a refund of the trial cost.

Media & Recording:

1. The Agency reserves the right to verify any recorded performance prior to its publication.
2. Any shootings, recordings of the performance may only be published
upon receiving a written consent from the Agency.

* Force majeure means an unforeseen event of extraordinary nature that excludes the possibility to fulfill a contractual performance, which makes it impossible for one party to fulfill its commitments. Examples of this are serious accidents, war, riots, strikes, cancellation of transport, natural disasters, fire, or if the event is canceled because of third party action (Municipality / National Property Board, The Police / Emergency services).